São Martinho de Mouros

Casa do Pelourinho

5m2 5

The “Pelourinho” (Pillory) house has a pleasant façade, perhaps from a recent restoration, but where you can notice an ancestral nobility with evidence in the surrounding setting, where other houses and the pillory stand out. The pillory is a symbol of municipal autonomy in a land which was a council before the birth of the nation, although the date inscribed is 1601. The house, although inhabited since the seventeenth century, has been renovated throughout the years and has always had great local relevance, certified by the fact that it served as the municipal administration office (the council was extinct only in 1885). In the twentieth century it was a community centre. A granite coat of arms above a portal is situated on one of the sides and is the main entrance. The coat-of-arms includes a triple peninsular shield and the Pintos, Lacerdas and Cardosos arms.

€ 430.000